Deadmau5 and Foo Fighters?

For months, Foo Fighter fans have been anticipating the release of the bands seventh album, Wasting Light.  Prior to its release, the band documented their pathway of being one of the world top rock bands.  For this album, Foo Fighers recorded their entire album on film and in the  garage of  band member, Dave Foster’s (vocals).  In addition , the band has teamed up with Krist Novoselic, former bass player and co founder of the grunge band Nirvana and friend of fellow Nirvana band members Foster and Pat Smear (guitarist of the Foo Fighters). Among many more surprises, Foo fighters have remixed their first single Rope with House music’s hottest producer and DJ Deadmau5.

Pop and Hip Hop artist such as Britney Spears, Pharrell Williams, Will.I.AM and Akon have each collaborated with some of House musics favorite producers. Their songs are currently number one hits, and have placed electronic dance music back into the airwaves. After hearing the remix Rope, the sound of the electronic guitar with the touch of Deadmau5 synths gave me an adrenaline rush. From start to finish, the song  is wild and eclectic.  If you don’t believe me, check it out yourself!


Podcast on Hip House

This video was a podcast I did on the new subgenre of house called “Hip House.” The program I used to create this podcast was audacity. The way I used the music in this podcast was getting the instrumental version of “One” by Swedish House Mafia and later converting to the the vocal version where singer Pharell finishes the last part of the postcast. I wanted listeners to be able to hear the whole song, but also get an understanding of what “Hip House” is about, which is why I added the vocals to the song.

Yolanda Be Cool – We No Speak Americano (Official Video)

One of the most popular songs out right now, it features a sample of the famous Italian artist Renato Carosone’s “”Tu vuò fà l’americano”, which sounds very similar, but with a much slower tempo.  It is not only popular on radio stations of many genres, but it is also famous in dance clubs for its swing house style. Continue reading

Brochure on House Music

This is a brochure I made on Adobe inDesign, is a tribute to House music and all the Sub Genres there are to House. In a traditional form of creating awareness for this genre, I discuss the events, artist and communities of House Music. I want viewer, who have never heard of house music to learn something from reading this brochure. Continue reading


As I was driving today, I heard this song on Pandora and for the first time I paid attention to the lyrics and absolutely loved them. I’ve heard the song in many mixes as a dance song, but to actually sing and listen to the lyrics was my first today. After a stressful day of work or school, this song can really inspire one to want to “dance.” Continue reading

Top 5 Clubs to Visit in California for House Music

5.  Temple – San Francisco – When first entering this club, it is apparent that dancing is what the venue was designed for.  White granite floors and walls, strobe lights, an upstairs balcony with glass walls set the perfect setting for a house music environment.  This isn’t just a place for house music, the whole interior is just plain classy. Continue reading

The Passing of the Guard in Club Music

It’s Friday night and you want to go out to the club with your friends.  What do you hear when you get there?  In the 80’s, top songs included Michael Jackson’s “Rock with you”, “Billie Jean”, Bon Jovi’s “You Give Love A Bad Name”, “Livin’ On A Prayer”, among many others.  In the 90’s it was Sir-Mix-A lot’s “Baby Got Back”, Janet Jackson’s “That’s the Way Love Goes”, and Montell Jordan “This is How We Do It” taking popularity.  From 2000-2009, some of the more memorable club hits are Continue reading