Top 5 Clubs to Visit in California for House Music

5.  Temple – San Francisco – When first entering this club, it is apparent that dancing is what the venue was designed for.  White granite floors and walls, strobe lights, an upstairs balcony with glass walls set the perfect setting for a house music environment.  This isn’t just a place for house music, the whole interior is just plain classy.

4.  The Park – Sacramento – Located in the heart of downtown of the state’s capitol, The Park is one of the more well known clubs in the area.  An outdoor patio area with quality couches and tables has the perfect relaxed environment with slower house music playing as more of an ambiance.  When the time is right, customers can make their way inside to the dance floor which has excellent lighting to match house music.

3.  Club 740 – Los Angeles – An old theater was cleaned out and Club 740 was what remained.  Only open on the weekends, this is one of the hottest spots in LA.  Three floors of dancing, three different DJ’s, one amazing night…that basically sums it up.

2.  Ruby Skye – San Francisco – The premier nightclub in San Francisco for house music and house artists.  Every week, the club has a guest DJ or producer visiting and playing the latest and greatest for the crowd.  Built in what appears to be an old theater with a large dance floor, balcony dance floor, and perfect stage for performances, this venue can house more patrons than most venues in Northern California.

1.  Avalon/Bardot – Hollywood – What’s better than one amazing venue that’s made specifically for house music?  Two venues stacked on top of each other.  For the casual house head that just came to dance, Avalon has plenty of live performances and famous DJ’s visiting to keep things new and exciting.  For the A-list clientele, Bardot offers a much more private experience, with the ability to still overlook the venue below.


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