Brochure on House Music

This is a brochure I made on Adobe inDesign, is a tribute to House music and all the Sub Genres there are to House. In a traditional form of creating awareness for this genre, I discuss the events, artist and communities of House Music. I want viewer, who have never heard of house music to learn something from reading this brochure. Continue reading


Usher / Swedish House Mafia at the 2010 American Music Awards

The AMA’s had a very special performance this year; it was the first time one of the biggest R&B stars performed his single with a group of house DJ’s who incorporated their own single. Continue reading

He is not called Cascade, but Kaskade

Ryan Raddon is a famous house producer, also known as Kaskade.  He is known for performing at famous house events, such as LovEvoution, the Electric Daisy Festival,  Europe’s LoveParade, and Cochella.  He recently released an electric daisy album which featured some of his songs from his performance the Electric Daisy Festival, which gave him enough publicity and attention to continue on to release his own full album entitled “Dynasty” which was his first, truly mainstream house album that gain attention world-wide.

He collaborates with many other house producers, the most famous being Deadmau5.  His famous singles with Deadmou5 are “Move for Me” and “I Remember”.  Some of his more famous solo singles include “Dynasty” and “Fire in Your New Shoes”.  His most famous albums are “Love Mysterious”, “Here & Now”, “Strobelite Seduction”, and “Dynasty”.

He has placed thirty-fifth in DJ Magazine’s list of Top 100 DJs.  He has already done so much for the world of house, and his style continues to evolve.  Hopefully his evolution will gather more fans to the world of house.